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Stacks of pallet
Stacks of pallet

Get a new pallet customized just for you!

Whether you need a custom-sized pallet for your shipping needs or prefer the look of a pristine new pallet to use on display, we've got pallets in every type or size you need! Locust Run Pallet offers you custom pallet design at no extra charge! Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

  • Custom new pallets

  • Stringer design and block design

  • Heavy duty 2-way stringer pallet

  • Stevedore type double wing pallet

  • Premium panel deck (plywood) stringer pallet

  • Limited use stringer pallet

  • Perimeter base pallet

  • Heavy duty stringer pallet notched for 4-way entry

  • Grocery industry 4-way pallet

  • Simple wing pallet with optional chamfer on bottom boards

  • Single faced skid

  • Standard reversible pallets

  • Pallet removal services

  • Reconditioned pallets

  • Heat-treated pallets

A vast selection of pallet designs

Call today for a FREE pallet estimate


Locust Run Pallet has a climate-controlled warehouse that can hold up to 50 loads of pallets.

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