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We are Different

Heat-Support2-220x220 Covered Pallet Covered Pallet

We protect your pallets with heat treatment

Locust Run Pallet features treated pallets that have been heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This extreme heat prevents insect degradation of the pallets. Each treated pallet is marked and stamped for you. Your customer satisfaction with our pallets and products is GUARANTEED!

 •  Heat-treated pallets

 •  Custom new pallets

 •  Reconditioned pallets

 •  Dry pallets

 •  Pallet removal services

 •  Containers, skids, boxes

Plenty of pallet services available

We store our pallets in a climate-controlled warehouse capable of accommodating 50 loads of pallets. Our facilities keep your products safe, dry, and ready for shipment. Call us today for a FREE estimate or come visit our warehouse.

Safe storage of heat-treated pallets

Find out about our quick turnaround


Locust Run Pallet is conveniently located in Thompsontown and has a vast selection of pallets.