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We are Different

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Your pallet partner from start to finish

Our priority is to provide you pallets that you need for your business. We work with you from start to finish to GUARANTEE your satisfaction. Your reconditioned pallet will leave our warehouse in a quick turnaround with no driver delays. Call us for a FREE consultation.

  • Cost effective

  • Good for the environment

  • Easy for standard shipping

  • Usually faster to deliver

  • Inspected and repaired for quality

  • Protected in climate-controlled warehouse

Why use reconditioned pallets?

Reconditioned pallets are created by tearing up an old pallet into pieces, cutting out the dead parts and putting them back together with recycled lumber or new lumber. Locust Run Pallet always uses quality lumber for every pallet.

Reconditioned to help environment

Call about our service on the same day


Locust Run Pallet offers three varieties of pallets. Come visit our warehouse to see our vast selection of pallet products.